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It was a clear and calm night, not a cloud to be seen in the sky. The moon was giving off a slight bluish glow which felt sad yet magical.
In a random pokemon centre Ash Ketchum lay alone on a signal bed in a one person room. He lay staring up at the ceiling in his white T-shirt and blue jeans. His brown eyes half glazed glowing with moonlight. His black hair was messier than usual. On his cheeks were zig zags, one per cheek, however today his right cheek had some new markings, 3 scratch marks left by his best friend Pikachu. For you see they had gotten into a fight while training and Pikachu had attacked him. Ash arose from the bed went over to the window and looked towards the moon.
"I wish Pikachu would forgive me." He sighed "I didn't mean to push him so hard I only want him to get stronger... I wish there was a way for us to see eye to eye" Just then Ash's scratched check began to tingle. Amusing it was just the scratch stinging he ignored it and decided to go to sleep. While Ash lay in bed tring to sleep, he couldn't stop tossing and turning. While trying to get comfy he got the most awful head ack. It was almost as if two sharp objects were trying to push their way through his skull. He switched on the light and rummaged through his bag for some pain killers when he noticed something.
"MY HANDS!" he cried upon seeing his fingers much stubbier then before. Confused about what was happening he stared at one hand while rubbing his head with the other, but he nudged something. He wasn't wearing hat so there shouldn't be anything up there. He slowly lifted his hands above his head to see what it was. Upon his head were two long narrow furry ears. Ash began to panic, he didn't know what was happening to him.
"It's it!!" he thought "It's all just a dream, I will wake up soon" So he sat still in middle of the room for a while still scared and starting to sweat.
"Wwwhy~ WHY WON'T I WAKE UP!?" He yelled in panic. Out of fear him punched himself hard in the face, the punch made the tingle in his checks come back. This time more painful and with more of  zapping feeling than before. The pain from this made Ash cry tears began to pour down his face, but this made it much more painful. It felt like his insides were being attacked, a sensation similar to that of a thundershock. Confused, scared and in pain he staggered to his feet and started to look for help, surely nurse joy could help. He burst out of his room and ran down the corridor in hopes of finding someone shouting for help as he ran.
"Help! Nurse Joy, anyone!" Ash pleaded as he ran "Help! Nucha Pi...chuka" The running pace slowed down, he came to a stop out the side the men's bathroom. Clutching his throat he tried to shout for help once again
"PIKA!"  Was all that came out.  He started to shake his head, he didn't want this just then he saw his reflection in a mirror through the open bathroom door. Shaking he slowly approached the mirror. The closer he got the more the tear streamed from his eyes. He placed his left hand on the mirror and lent in closer for a better look. His cheeks were bright red, he had two Pikachu like ears on his head, his fingers were almost gone and his palm had gotten much smaller and yellow. Suddenly a sharp pain shot up his back, it was much worse than his head pain and was coming from the base of his spine. His legs began to cave in on themselves he grabbed the side of a nearby sink for support to keep himself up.
"Ppiii~ KA~" he panted in pain. The pain continued for only a minute but was enough to make him collapse on his knees.
"Pi...pi..pi"  He said while gasping for breath. Reaching round to his back he could a long thin tail. He began to think about what might happen next. He was travelling alone right now no would know he was missing for a while. What if he was caught by a trainer. How would he contact his mum.
His body began to pulse he collsaped on the floor his hands on his head.  All he could feel was what could be described as squeezing, every inch of his body felt like it was getting squashed. Breathing was getting hard his vision was going blurry he felt like he was about to die. Gathering what breath he could he let out one finale plea for help.
"PIKACHU!!!" Was his final word before passing out.
Just outside in a nearby tree Pikachu heard his trainers cry and ran back to centre to see what was wrong. Jumpping in though their bedroom window he was shocked to find Ash gone. He searched high and low in the centre but with no luck. Pikachu was worried.
"PIKAPI" he cried but no response. Pikachu slowly made it's way back to their room hoping that Ash was there again. As he passed the men's bathroom he saw Ash's clothes on the floor. He steadily approached  them, he could see something hiding in the T-shirt. It moved, Pikachu jolted back and assumed a fighting stance his checks sparking ready to fight. When out popped the head of a fellow Pikachu, only this one had zig zags on his cheeks with 3 scratch marks on the right one.
"Pikapi...Pikachu?" Pikachu asked while moving closer. Ash sadly nodded as he was now a Pikachu too.
This is a commission that charlot-sweetie made for me.

Here is the link to the original.

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AshuraTheCoyote Featured By Owner Dec 23, 2010
Nice short story I'm surprised your not more popular Z
Zohaku Featured By Owner Dec 23, 2010
I am a bit surprised about that to.
AshuraTheCoyote Featured By Owner Dec 23, 2010
Oh well I guess it takes time
Zohaku Featured By Owner Dec 23, 2010
PikachuRXZ Featured By Owner Dec 14, 2010  Hobbyist Writer
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