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Welcome to the end of the world.
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Mystic by Zohaku Mystic :iconzohaku:Zohaku 17 0 Eclair The Squirrel by Zohaku Eclair The Squirrel :iconzohaku:Zohaku 23 4 Suicune pooltoy TF by Zohaku Suicune pooltoy TF :iconzohaku:Zohaku 40 1 Latex bunny girl TF TG by Zohaku
Mature content
Latex bunny girl TF TG :iconzohaku:Zohaku 88 0
Chibi goodra TF by Zohaku Chibi goodra TF :iconzohaku:Zohaku 22 0 Upgrading by Zohaku Upgrading :iconzohaku:Zohaku 31 11 Ash into Misty Mermaid by Zohaku Ash into Misty Mermaid :iconzohaku:Zohaku 84 1
Mature content
A Wish Granted :iconzohaku:Zohaku 14 1
Poke.Mon.Digi: Sequence Yellow by Zohaku Poke.Mon.Digi: Sequence Yellow :iconzohaku:Zohaku 14 0
Lugia Love [Lugia TF's]
Facing off against a genetic abomination intent on destroying the world, stopping the schemes of a madman who wished to control time, stopping a confrontation between several incredibly powerful legendary Pokémon, all of these were tasks Ash Ketchum had pulled off in the past, and despite that? He found his current task more daunting than them all!
He and Pikachu found themselves sitting on a poolside chair in the chlorine-scented main hall of the Cerulean City gym. Having just left the two boys to get some water from the fridge was their fiery redheaded friend Misty, and the object of Ash’s most difficult mission yet.
He took a deep breath, hand idly stroking Pikachu’s soft head for luck, and courage. I can do this, he thought, Pikachu nuzzling against his hand with some happy ‘Chus!’ Even as he thought it, hearing the door open signalling Misty’s return, Ash found himself longing for some world-threatening crisis so he could deal with that r
:iconzohaku:Zohaku 13 0
The Things You Do For Love {Pikachu TFTG}
Ash closed the door behind him, shaking off the dusting of snow that the chill February winds had deposited on his coat and hat while he’d collected his package from the mailbox outside. He was staying at home for the winter; his mother gone away to the warm sandy beaches of Hoenn for the cold months while right now his best friend Pikachu was next door at Gary’s house being groomed by Daisy Oak, leaving Ash all alone in the warmth of his home.
Do I really want to do this? He wondered, hanging his coat up and kicking off his boots. With parcel tucked safely under his arm he made his way to his room upstairs, thoughts fighting harder and harder with every step. This is forever, no going back if I do it, but I want this more than anything before.
When I even think about doing this, I feel like I just won my first badge all over, he thought as he sat on his bed, slowly unwrapping his large package. If even thinking about it can make me that happy, it’s the right
:iconzohaku:Zohaku 28 1
Costumed Introduction {King Kazma TF TG Costume}
 “You’re telling me you’ve never seen Summer Wars? Not once?” Leroy asked his friend, the Canadian Leanan who was visiting him over the summer, as they walked back to his place after having dinner out. She, once again, shook her head. “You? You love anime and furries, it’s got both!”
           “I mean to watch it, I just haven’t yet,” she replied with a shrug, scratching her head nervously, “Is it really that good? I mean, if you’re freaking out like this it must be pretty good, eh?” It wasn’t like she was avoiding watching it, she just hadn’t had the opportunity yet.
           “I think I have it somewhere, why don’t we have a movie night?” Leroy said with a grin, a plan forming in his mind.  If he was going to be around for his friend watching one of his favourite movies for the first time he was going to
:iconzohaku:Zohaku 17 0
Plushy World Origins
Ash and Misty had resumed their journeys together, after Ash had conquered several leagues all across the world. Kanto, Johto, the Orange Islands, Hoenn, Sinnoh, Unova, Kalos, and now Alola all beaten and behind him now. The challenges he faced had been fun and brought him glamour and fame, but through all his trips Ash had learned the most important thing were the friends he made along the way.
           And of those friends the most important was Misty. The fiery redhead, the first friend he made on his travels, aside from his omnipresent companion Pikachu, had wormed her way ever deeper into his heart the longer apart they were. Upon finally being reunited, everything he had wanted to tell her, everything he had planned to say had faded from his mind and after and awkward silence he had hugged her, she had hugged him, and without a word spoken to arrange it they had decided to once again journey, just the three of them.
:iconzohaku:Zohaku 16 4
The biggest in the stadium by Zohaku The biggest in the stadium :iconzohaku:Zohaku 12 1 Fluffy Alolan Vacation by Zohaku Fluffy Alolan Vacation :iconzohaku:Zohaku 9 1 Renamon TF by Zohaku Renamon TF :iconzohaku:Zohaku 53 2


CAR TF by dastanprince CAR TF :icondastanprince:dastanprince 37 24 Ash's Lycanroc [Dusk] TF by FezMangaka Ash's Lycanroc [Dusk] TF :iconfezmangaka:FezMangaka 207 16 Ash Into Lucario 3 by TheSuitKeeper89 Ash Into Lucario 3 :iconthesuitkeeper89:TheSuitKeeper89 28 5 Ash Into Lucario with Sem 2 by TheSuitKeeper89 Ash Into Lucario with Sem 2 :iconthesuitkeeper89:TheSuitKeeper89 28 0 Ash Into Lucario with Sem 1 by TheSuitKeeper89 Ash Into Lucario with Sem 1 :iconthesuitkeeper89:TheSuitKeeper89 36 1 Inktober '17 - Pokeball Malfunction by FlotianChroma Inktober '17 - Pokeball Malfunction :iconflotianchroma:FlotianChroma 48 2
Request : Blood Diamonds (Sneasel tf)
'Blood Diamonds'
GamerStories & One-True-Yamask
    The streets of Goldenrod City were dimly lit by the moonlight which shone above the city. However, a pair of headlights soon come barreling down the streets, as a crummy black sedan, rusted and dented, heads quickly towards its destination through the empty streets.
    Through the sedan’s tinted and cracked windows was a young adult named Leroy, who wore a cheap black T-shirt and some faded jeans. At this hour, a normal, hard-working person more than normally wouldn’t be speeding down the streets of a heavily densified city, headed to a location which only they would know.
    However, Leroy wasn’t a normal, hard-working person: he was a petty thief. For years, Leroy had attempted to capture a Pokemon in a fair and rightful manner, but only recently he had hit his breaking point. One hundred and eighty-three Pokemon Leroy has tried to capture within his
:iconborkishbrionne:BorkishBrionne 11 14
The Egg (Yoshi TF) [Quickie Request]
Leroy was in the park when he noticed something was lying on the ground, a green Yoshi egg. Curious, he picked it up and it exploded in a bright light! His legs shortened dramatically while his feet became larger and orange boots replaced his shoes. The bottom part of his body curved behind him in a tail while the front turned a pure white and green everywhere else. Leroy's hands lost a finger while they became shorter and larger. His arms shrank away well while a red shell-like appendage formed on his back. On the back of Leroy's head, orange spines formed. His nose grew into a balloon sized one, with two small slits for the nostrils. Leroy's hair vanished entirely as his eye sockets grew vastly along with his eyes. His cheeks grew outward while his tongue became longer. The light diminished revealed that Leroy had turned into a green Yoshi. He looked around nervously and ran off, not wanting to give any rides today. 
:iconvinomath:Vinomath 11 0
A Nido For Air by KParote22 A Nido For Air :iconkparote22:KParote22 35 4 Melting May 2017 - 06 by AzureChromatic
Mature content
Melting May 2017 - 06 :iconazurechromatic:AzureChromatic 72 7
Ash's Lucario TF by FezMangaka Ash's Lucario TF :iconfezmangaka:FezMangaka 195 33 A Flirty Dragoness 2 by TheSuitKeeper89
Mature content
A Flirty Dragoness 2 :iconthesuitkeeper89:TheSuitKeeper89 27 0
A Flirty Dragoness by TheSuitKeeper89
Mature content
A Flirty Dragoness :iconthesuitkeeper89:TheSuitKeeper89 34 1
Unplanned Parenthood (Lycanroc Midday Tf)
    Leroy Mizu runs his hand through his spiked hair as he walks through a forest. He breathes in the fresh air, how different it is from the usual exhaust ridden city air! The lush grass that moistens his shoes, but he can worry about wet shoes later. The shade from the trees almost completely block out the light from the sun, which keeps the forest nice and cool. The trees are so thick that to traverse this forest one would have to make their own path, which is a challenge to do since it’s impossible to see twenty feet in front of yourself because of how dense this forest is. However, it’s a lush, preserved place to observe Pokemon and nature.
    Leroy looks around to decide if he wants to go right, left or straight. He stands tall at 19 years of age. His brown, spiky hair is something that you would expect to find out of a comic book. He is white with a one green eye, and one yellow eye. The yellow eye has a scar going through it from a fight some ti
:iconelgusar-wolf:Elgusar-Wolf 56 22
Mystical dog suit by Foxbeast Mystical dog suit :iconfoxbeast:Foxbeast 45 20


A character i bought from

Mystic the mage bat bunny, master of TF and bunny magic.
Suicune pooltoy TF
This is a commission that Redflare500 made for me.

Here is the link to the original picture…

Ash Ketchum finding a strange cave and turning into a suicune pooltoy.
Latex bunny girl TF TG
This is a commission that made for me.

My OC Leroy putting on a latex bunny girl costume and already transforming before having the whole costume on.


Leroy kuiper
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